What are Green Kamikozees?

Green Kamikozees are homemade hot pickled products. Starting with pickled hot green tomatoes, our product line now features over 30 pickled products. Each jar is made with fresh ingredients, featuring garlic, dill, and hot peppers - making it a pickled perfection. Did you know that each jar is handcrafted and homemade? 

Why Are People Krazee for Kamikozees?

Unlike a lot of spicy hot foods, the heat in our products is not overkill and won’t leave your mouth burning for hours. Instead, the uniquely delicious flavor will leave your mouth watering for more! Our products are tasty, crisp and crunchy to the last bite. They have the perfect balance of flavor and heat. Enjoy a jar today and you'll be Kamikozee Krazee!

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