Product Collection

Starting with pickled green tomatoes (Green Kamikozees), we have expanded our collection to feature various pickled products that are sure to please. Products can be ordered by going to our "Order" page.

Carolina Killas - Reaper Dill Pickles made with Carolina Reaper Peppers (Pint)  Limited Edition
Green Kamikozees - Pickled Hot Green Tomatoes (Quart)
Maple Bourbon Pickles - Mild Maple Mustard Blend (Quart)
Ring ’O Fire - Pickled Hot Ring Bologna (Quart)
Taco Pickles - Fiery fiesta blend (Quart)
Hot Polish Pickles - Hot Dill Pickles (Quart)
Ghost Pepper Pickles - Breathtakingly delicious (Quart)
Hot-N-Horsey Pickles - Hot Pickles made with Horseradish (Quart)
Mean Queen Olives - Hot Spanish Olives (Pint)
Hot-N-Sweet Pickles - Hot Pickles in a bread & butter blend (Quart)
Blazin’ Beans - Hot Pickled String Beans (Pint)
Playful Pickles - Dill Pickles - not hot (Quart)
Fiery Fungi - Hot Pickled Mushrooms (Pint)
Kowboy Kandy - Kandied Jalapenos (Pint)
Protein Pickles - Pickle spears packed with 20g of protein, spicy (Pint)
Buzzin’ Beets - Sweet & Spicy Pickled Red Beets (Quart)
Screamin’ Garlic - Hot Pickled Cloves of Garlic (Pint)
Zippy Zucchini - Hot Pickled Zucchini (Quart)
Pizza Pickles - A Slice of Perfection (Quart)
Kickin’ Kauliflower - Hot Pickled Cauliflower (Quart)
Sizzlin’ Salsa - Fresh Hot Salsa (Pint)
Spicy Spears - Hot Pickled Asparagus (Quart)
Cherry Bombers - Hot Cherry Peppers stuffed with Prosciutto & Provelone (Pint)
Bangin’ BBQ Sauce - Mama Koz’s homemade BBQ sauce (Pint)
Kamikozee Kashews - Spicy Roasted Cashews (9oz Bag)
Ragin' Radishes - Pickled Radishes with Honey (Quart)
Poppin' Pineapple - Sweet & Spicy Sriracha Blend (Pint)
Bloody Mary Mix - Kocktail mix featuring our homemade pickle brine, 2 asparagus stirrers and 2 olives for an all-in-one mix (Quart)
Carolina Killas - Reaper Dill Pickles made with Carolina Reaper Peppers (Pint)  Limited Edition
Lemon Pepper Pickles - A zesty dill-ight of fresh lemon and pepper (Quart)
Everything Bagel Pickles - everything but the bagel (Quart)
Jerry's Jicamas - a unique bold flavor of pickled Jicamas (Pint)
Out-of-this-World Okra - hot pickled Okra (Pint)