Here's some comments from our Kamikozee Krazee fans:

“I took a case of the Kamikozee hot polish pickles from the specialty last week and I am already down to 4 jars. I am kind of blown away by the success of this product but I must say they are fantastic pickles. I am going to have to buy a second jar before I run out but to get to my point will they be featured again this week because I need another case of the pickles and I think I will give the whole line a try after seeing the immediate success of the pickles. Good find on this one! I hope all the stores are having as much luck with the line as I have.”  - Brian - #47 Phoenixville Redners

“I recently purchased a jar of your Polish Pickles and Buzzin’ Beets and absolutely love them! In addition, everyone who has come over to my place and tried them has loved them as well. I love supporting local businesses and when a local business has a product that’s also great and priced reasonably, well that’s just icing on the cake. Keep doing what you’re doing.” – Justin F.

“I purchased a jar of your Green Kamikozees at the pepper festival and absolutely LOVE them!  In fact, I’ll probably finish the jar off tonight! The taste and burst of flavor you get is amazing and they have just the right of amount of heat with a great balance of garlic and dill.  The name and logo are very clever as well.” – David S.

“I just experienced your Hot and Sweet pickles.  They are terrific.  Any chance you have a location in Lancaster, PA?  I believe my friend bought them over the weekend at the Convention Center at an event.” - Terry P.

“Thank you for making these pickles.  They are the Hot Polish Pickles and we love them.  I’m going to pick up more this weekend.  Thanks again and keep them coming.” - John B.


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