Protein Pickles

The Power Behind the Pickle!

Next time you finish off a jar of pickles, think twice about dumping out the brine! The entire contents of the jar has great health benefits as a pre-or post-workout snack. For years, various athletes have claimed that drinking pickle brine has helped to replenish their bodies with antioxidants, electrolytes and lost sodium, while also reducing or eliminated muscle cramps. It has also been proven that the nutrients of an acidic solution are more easily absorbed by your body, leading to quicker rehydration and replenishment of nutrients lost during a workout. 

At Green Kamikozees, we took the natural power of the pickle and gave it a punch with protein. It's a new way to get your crunch on! So now, you can refuel and replenish your body with antioxidants, electrolytes and sodium – PLUS 20 GRAMS OF PROTEIN! We created a pickle that is packed with power and specifically made it in a convenient pint size jar that serves as a great snack, pre- or post-workout. The intent is that each pint be consumed in its entirety; spears and brine, in order to get the optimal nutrients needed before or after a workout, intense game, or marathon.

PACKED WITH antioxidants, electrolytes, protein, vitamin C & calcium

HELPS PREVENT free-radical damage & muscle cramps

REPLENISHES  sodium, potassium & electrolytes.
Nutrients are far more easily absorbed due to acidic content.
Great pre- or post-work out snack.

CONTAINS NO sugar, fillers, binders, lactose, soy or gluten

If you love pickles, especially Green Kamikozees Pickles, you and your body are going to LOVE OUR PROTEIN PICKLES! Order a jar today and feel the difference in your workout and recovery. 

 CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW - available June 9, 2018!


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